Trail running is a specialty running race that takes place on trails, in nature, with limited stretches of asphalt that, at most, and in any case should not exceed 20% of the route. The distances vary from medium to long to ultra trail. It was not easy to find a route that contains all the necessary features that a trail must have. After having examined different paths in lower Valtellina, the most suitable for historical beauty, landscape and path is definitely the the “Wanderer’s Trail.

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In 835 da 8 nazioni per la quarta edizione

TDV 2017, tre itinerari, tre differenti lunghezze, un unico grande spettacolo. In 835 gli atleti al via della kermesse podistica griffata Santi Nuova Olonio. Come da programma i 152 viandanti […]

Si punta quota mille. Domenica la quarta edizione

Trail del Viandante atto quarto. Ultimi dettagli organizzativi per gli uomini del Santi Nuova Olonio che domenica saranno impegnati con l’edizione 2017 della spettacolare kermesse podistica che unisce le province […]


December 2 Registration opens the Wayfarer .. Stay Tuned !!

Ahead of the open enrollment scheduled for Friday, December 2, the Trail of the Wayfarer has had a makeover, launching a new, even more beautiful world, full of news and […]

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